Saturday, August 14, 2004

Finished Ana's garter gauntlets yesterday! That was less than a week -- I'm so proud. And, at least until I get bored of the color combinations I can think up with our (now limited) stash, I'm hooked! Nothing keeps me happy like quick rewards. :) I've just started a pair for a friend using all of Ana's odd left-over sock yarns, holding three together at a time. I may (gasp) frog it and start over again, making more of an effort to group similar colors for a more coherent look. I love the way the colors blend. So many possibilities... and ohhh, tomorrow we're going yarn-shopping! Hush, hush... secret pal might be reading! *puts on dark glasses, clears throat, slinks away*

Edit (8/26): I did rip out the sock yarns. I went out and bought more jiffy to match the look of Ana's guantlets exactly, except in blues instead of purples this time.


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