Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hey, check out my industriousness: click on the WIP names to the right to see updated photos of:

Soho Turtle -- I need to finish this sleeve. See the puppies? I charted those myself! I also created the little heart between the puppies that looks like an amoeba. :( Lesson to me: small shapes don't read so well. The second sleeve only has the intarsia'ed cuff done and I need to pick up and do the stripes up. Join everything together and add the turtleneck. And voila!!

Novelty Scarf -- Pictured here on me AND on my dog! After all, it IS the "Reese Brown Scarf," so why shouldn't Reese get to model it? :)

Ana's purple wristlets AKA gauntlets -- Ana shall have cold hands and wrists at work no more! Ana likes the clever thumbhole. :)

And lastly, one of Ana's projects which she made for me to decorate my office. A true work of art in my opinion. A stashbuster in Ana's opinion. :) (It's made almost entirely of leftover Lion Brand Homespun.) --> Wall Hanging...on the floor. Go figure.


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