Monday, October 04, 2004

Finishing, schminishing... bah. My number of WIPs has swelled to half a dozen in the last couple of weeks. Of those 6, 3 just need to be 'finished.'

1) The Ball with Bell is ready for stuffing. We need to buy a cat toy to put in the middle of it, as a regular jingle bell seems to be muffled by the press of batting around it and I *insist* my ball be maximally jingly. I mean, otherwise what's the point??
2) My Secret Pal project has been draped over one corner of my desk for weeks now, just waiting to be **edit: security level breached**
3) And finally, my labor of love, my Soho turtle is fully assembled, and requires only a neck and a TON of end-hiding. Saint Ana is offering to help me with that. I'm trying to remember who it was that offered to hide ends for me once. Bina, maybe? Anyway, I'm VERY happy with the results, for my first major garment attempt. It doesn't fit perfectly -- the body is really, really wide and the sleeves are a bit long -- but it looks proportional and well-made. No strange angles or bumps anywhere: success!! Since I like to wear my clothes baggy, much to the consternation of my more fashion-conscious friends, the over sizing is not a major issue. I'm thrilled!! ...about everything except the ends I need to hide. Grumble.

Still, here I am taking on new projects right and left. I stole the Hallowig Ana cast on and adopted it as my own. I would have cast on my Debbie Bliss kimono tonight except that I frogged my Sniper Cozy and restarted that instead (I was in the mood for a challenge, and Ana wanted to teach me how to cast onto the DPNs -- what a trip!) I've promised yet another hat to a dear friend, who promised a hat or something in return -- woo hoo! And I'm itching to start a new toy...

Addiction is such an ugly thing. Good thing for us yarn and needles are so darned purty! (Don't I have 11 balls of EasyCare Merino due in the mail anyday now?? Jonesing, jonesing...)


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