Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Aug 4's cool websurfing find

If you're an animal science geek like I am, maybe this will interest you. I found a website about the coelacanth, the prehistoric "living fossil" fish:
It's got articles and photos of the history of the discovery, current population and location information, plus fun photos and games too. (Little Brent made me talk to him with Evil Yadacanth for over 20 minutes. He finds the guy quite entertaining. Click on "Conservation" then scroll down to "Interactive Talking Coelacanth" to have a chat with him yourself.)
What led me there? A chat forum request for help identifying a fish with glowing eyes spotted in a public aquarium. I really doubt it was a rare coelacanth, and I didn't find any other prospects, feasible or otherwise, but at least I found a fun website! Hope you like it too.


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