Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's the news?

(besides that I haven't been blogging.)

Well, in January I found out that I'm pregnant again. (I was requesting a dr's appt online -- the form asks for the symptoms of the complaint and as I was typing "nausea, tiredness, sleepiness, period is late" suddenly I thought, "Oh! Duh..." The pee-on-a-stick was kind of a foregone conclusion.) Found out a couple of weeks ago that it's a girl this time! So, Brent has a little sister due in mid-August, and my parents will have gone from 0 granddaughters in 2007 to 3 of them in 2008. (Check out Brent's baby cousin Lori! and my brother Jonathan and his cool wife Vanity are expecting a daughter in July.)

Will's been crazy busy at work and we've had a rash of bad luck with our fabulous new car, culminated (thus far) in the dealership wrecking it for us during a test drive after routine brake maintenance. Whaddya think of THAT? It's been in their body shop for a month now while they try to get their insurance to pay for things. (Good to know it's not just us that struggle with that.) In the meantime, we're crusing around in an SRX and trying desperately not to ding it or stain the leather seats, lest we have to pay for it. (If you know how to get oily 7-11 parking lot foot prints -- size child's 9 -- out of leather seats, let me quick. We're trying a toothpaste scrub tomorrow according to advice from Mrs. Clean.)

Besides that, we're just doing the same ole grind, trying to keep up with life in general. Spring is upon us in Central Texas and that brings not only wildflowers and strawberry picking, but also more yardwork! So, I'll leave ya with this cute picture of daddy training his replacement-yardslave-to-be. (OK, so I can't get the image imbed to work :( so here's a link until I figure it out. OK, I got it! :D)


At 11:26 PM , Blogger knit_chick said...

OMG... I've been away from blogging (and keeping up with everyone's). I can't believe how big Brent is! Congratulations on the upcoming baby girl!


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