Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Toddler + Ice Cream = Messy but Cute
So, the boy is officially, really, really two years old.
If you've been keeping up with us, you know that Brent's been behind on verbal development despite every confidence in his intelligence. He just didn't want to talk before. Well, he's all caught up! He's even putting words together in cute little phrases like, "Shoes, go bye-bye!"
Oh yeah, and I thought we'd gotten the terrible two's tantrums over with early when he went through a few months of them around 16-20 months, but um, no. He's started again. He's not been feeling well the last several days due to a wasp bite and, I believe, another growth spurt. Maybe that's it....? God help us.
PS. We have the car! It's amazing. I love it. Pictures of us gloating will be coming soon.
11/27 EDIT: I can't believe that photo was taken just a few months ago. Brent's hair is so long it's hanging past his eyebrows. Like 1/2 inch a month growth?! Need to get the clippers out again... or spring for another visit to the kiddie barber place for a real haircut.


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