Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FREE PATTERN: Sarah's Christmas Ball

Materials needed: Scrap sock yarn, set of 5 size 0 dpns, 4 stitch markers.
Gauge: approx. 8 sts/inch. (not terribly important, don’t bother to swatch, really! as long as you get a nice, firm fabric.)
Size: This should yield a spherical ornament of about 9” circumference but is easily varied.

CO 4 sts. Knit 1/2” of I cord.
Rnd 1: Kfb in every stitch, distributing 2 sts onto each of 4 dpn’s as you go. 8 sts.
Rnd 2: Knit. 8 sts.
Rnd 3: (Kfb, PM, Kfb.) repeat 4x. 16 sts.
Rnd 4: Knit.
Rnd 5: (Kfb, knit to marker, Kfb, knit to end of needle.) repeat 4x.
Rnds 6-17: Repeat Rnds 4 & 5 until there are 18 sts on each needle and 72 sts total.

Slip markers throughout this section. You don’t need them for this section but you will for the top of the ball. For variations, replace this simple basketweave stitch pattern with a pattern of your choice.
Rnd 18-25: (K6, P6.) repeat 6x.
Rnd 26-33: (P6, K6.) repeat 6x.

Stuff the ball as you go, starting when you have about 8 sts per needle, as the opening will get smaller and smaller. Get as much stuffing in there as you can for a nicely shaped ornament. Sarah’s ball is full of used fabric softener sheets but you can use the stuffing of your choice.
Rnd 34: (K2tog, knit to marker, K2tog, knit to end of needle.) repeat 4x.
Rnd 35: Knit.
Rnds 36-48: Repeat Rnds 34 & 35 until there are 2 sts on each needle and 8 sts total.

Cut yarn leaving a 9-10” long tail. Using a yarn needle, weave the end through the remaining stitches and draw it tight. Leaving a loop of yarn on the outside of the ornament for hanging, weave only the last couple of inches of yarn tail in very securely.


You can increase more quickly – more stitches per round – for a flatter ball, or less for a longer ball. Try it at the top or bottom, or even in the middle of the ball. Be creative! The stuffing will round it out and it can’t be a ‘wrong’ shape. Have fun. :)

The rainbow colored Sarah’s ball is knitted out of ribbon yarn at a much larger gauge. You can also adjust the stitch numbers of this pattern to suit any yarn you like, and make any size ornament you want.

Have fun with it!


At 9:25 AM , Anonymous Dunrie said...

Thanks for this pattern! I'm working up an ornament right now. :)


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