Thursday, October 30, 2008

Potty Power Part 2

Or should we say, Number 2. Well, he's almost got it. He has finally decided, quite possibly with the help of the colder weather, that he no longer must poop in the grass like a dog. He now is okay with pooping on the toilet. I had bemoaned with our few previous successes how difficult it is to wipe his bottom when he's done; the paper tears and sticks and doesn't clean off a thing. I mean, what the..? Is his poop really that much stickier than mine? It's a male thing, I'm told by other moms. A little pondering over the laundry hampers (as suggested by them) confirms the theory. Wow. What is the physiology behind that? Men have sticky poop that cannot be wiped entirely clean. News at 11.

Anyway, the boy is not only pooping in the big potty, but trying to wipe himself when he's done. It doesn't work. I now not only have to wipe him when he's done but also the entire bathroomful of poopy fingerprints after he tries it himself. Guess I'm back to 100% supervision. But it's another big step toward independent potty time for my big boy, and boy am I proud. :)

So, even though the beagle tossed a bowl of chicken noodle soup on the kitchen floor -- plastic bowls bounce, and the diameter of soup spray off a 3 ft bounce is impressive, lemme tell ya -- and even though I had to scrub poop off my walls, cabinets, and sinktop... it's a much better day and if this headache will just go away I will be a happy camper! State of contentment photo:


At 4:52 PM , Blogger Ria said...

really cute picture!! Seems like everyone I know agrees it's easier to potty train girls.

At 8:03 PM , Blogger cici said...

Whew.... what a cute photo.. They look soooo innocent :D Hope you feel better.


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