Tuesday, October 07, 2008

100th Post! and a Contest

In celebration of this auspicious event, I was going to ask for Blogger pros to help me figure out what happened to my Posting Template text window, but I figured it out while I was typing this post. (Security settings had gotten reset and I needed to re-allow the script.) How cool am I?

No, really. Talk to me about triumphing over IT woes in a comment. I'll choose the one that makes me smile the biggest, or cry the hardest, or pee my pants laughing. Or if I can't choose, I will draw names out of a hat or something. :)

The winner gets to choose ONE of the following (I hope y'all like pink):

A) 2 50g skeins of Melon-Pink Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra 100% Wool (3-Ply Fingering Weight Hand-Dyed, 175 yds, handwash, lay flat to dry). This stuff feels GREAT, has a nice tight, springy ply to it, and if I don't destash it first will probably turn into socks for moi. Photo.

B) 1 100g skein of orange/navy/pink variegated Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet 100% merino sock yarn (1"=9 sts, 4oz 400 yds, handwash, lay flat to dry). I threw this into the list to make a 3some of choices. I actually really love it and would wear the socks constantly. If I ever got around to making them. Color-poor photo. (will get a better one for the winner if requested.)

C) 1 skein of pink/orange/gold variegated Landes Geeks hand painted by Danielle mohair yarn (90% mohair, 10% nylon, 500 yds, laceweight). The photo doesn't do this justice; unless you like your yarn to look like an internal organ. It's lofty and fluffy and the colors are to die for. If mohair didn't give me hairballs, it would already be a headscarf. Photo.

I will announce the winner next Tuesday!


At 11:05 PM , Blogger inkberryblue said...

Congratulations on reaching your 100th post and on figuring out the computer glitch!

I was recently hit by a really nasty computer virus. Graphics of black beetles would come crawling out and "eat" the page displayed on the screen...and they'd disable the antivirus scan too. I had to completely reimage my computer but, luckily, I'd backed everything up. I now have much, much better security.

Thanks for saying nice things on my blog, by the way. =]

At 8:06 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I am the mail merge queen here at work. I can make anything easy with mail merge, and I can also mess with the Word templates. Word/Office can be a BIG pain unless you know how to tame it juuuust right.

At 5:16 PM , Blogger Aunt Kathy said...

OMG I know next to nothing about IT stuff. I used to be afraid to copy and paste for fear I'd screw up the computer. So I don't have any funny stories, but an I just say the comment from inkberryblue now has me in a panic, omg beetles crawling and eating my screen, virtual or not, I have the heeby jeebies and expect nightmares tonight.

BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE PINK. Oh please let me win. PLEASE???

I also linked your contest over on my blog.

Remember I LOVE PINK.

At 6:21 PM , Blogger wenat said...

100 posts is great -- congratulations!

My scariest computer story dates back to when computers were getting introduced into offices, about 20 years ago.

My boss's secretary was a really smart woman. However, the first time she'd sat down to use a computer, the previous person had left the mouse upside down, so that the "tail" was dangling towards the user.

And she had trained herself to use her mouse that way -- so that she would mouse downwards to get the arrow to move up, and she would mouse left to get the mouse to go right. (Try it for yourself -- it's totally freaky on the mind.)

And nobody had ever caught her doing this until I was watching her work one day, while we were waiting for our boss.

Is that freaky enough for you?

At 7:20 PM , Blogger Tasha said...

IT problems? The question is WHERE to begin?

I could mention the time that my darling cat decided it would be a good idea to "share" a cup of iced sugary coffee with my laptop. The laptop, thankfully, booted up fine. Until the Windows entry screen. I took the thing apart, cleaned out all the sugar granules, and still nothing. So, grudgingly, I packed it up (in its pretty pink case!) and headed home on a 16 hour bus ride to see if my dad would know what to do. Somewhere in that 16 hour bus ride, the laptop bag got smooshed under some HEAVY luggage, and the screen cracked. How can you crack an LCD screen? Seriously! Needless to say, that computer is still sitting in disrepair.

On a funnier note, I was trying to hook up my (fairly ancient) printer to my desktop computer. I had it all plugged in, and realized I didn't have the software install disk. I downloaded the drivers from the printer manufacturer's website, and still, NOTHING! I spent three or four hours on the phone with tech support. No one could figure it out.

The next day I was doing some chores, and BEHOLD! The printer software disk magically appeared under a pile of sock yarn. I put it in the CD rom drive and tried to install it, nothing.

I went to the windows printer folder...annnnd magically, once opening that folder, the damn thing installed itself. Without any help.

I didn't know whether to scream, cry, throw things, or laugh.

I ended up laughing AND crying.

At 10:16 AM , Blogger Dove Knits said...

Uh, well, once I blew up my computer monitor...I was just sitting there, and then there was a loud pop and smoke and it was dead. I swear I didn't do it! I guess it's had issues for a while, though. It would dissolve in an acid-trip of color every now and then, but I fixed that by stacking textbooks on top of it, and I guess it didn't like the learnin'.

I triumphed over it by buying a new computer monitor. I told the new one that I purposely exploded the old one. It didn't know any better, so it still works.

At 1:31 PM , Blogger Stacy said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

My biggest IT woe is really my mom's. She recently switched from a PC to a Mac and somehow the Genius lost all of her photos - from the past three years or so - in the transition. Seriously, she was quite upset. Luckily, I had some of them on my computer and was able to send them to her. It did reinforce the value of backing up to me.... I would have been crying for days if it had been me.

At 9:10 PM , Blogger Sophie said...

my God ! computer are so scary sometime, you know "do you really want to delete this file ?", umm yes I think so but you make me hesitate ! And the blogger template, I am at the same point as you are, since I know nothing about html I am so afraid to do something wrong that I always kept the same template since the very first day !!!

Congrat on your 100th post BTW, and ummmmmmm did you say pink ? :)

At 12:53 AM , Blogger cici said...

I just realized I posted to your other blog. As far as IT, I can't think of a thing. But I love all your prizes. I am coming up to my 100th post too. I'll have to think of something special.:D

At 3:46 AM , Blogger Samsara said...

Mine happened this morning! I was forced to use another pc yesterday (one that students usually use) and found that I couldn't open stuff on my memory stick. It kept saying that the file was corrupted! Eeek! This assignment is due in on Tuesday and I've quite a bit for it already and didn't want to loose it all. I tried to open it on my laptop last night and couldn't, then this morning I put it into my main pc which luckily has Office 2007 on it and was able to revover the document! Hurray! I did my happy dance around the study! The main pc also found a trojan on it, so I'll have to double check my laptop too now. But I have the words back (still need to format it a little and redo the tables and stuff) but I'm a happy bunny! :-)

At 5:52 PM , Blogger Ria said...

Ok - here is my answer to any and all computer woes. You've heard of a sugar daddy? well, I married a Linux Daddy. Yes, marrying a computer geek works wonders. And he's so sweet, even when I call him at work to inform him that I broke the internet. ( His answer for the record was Yes, I'm sure you singlehandedly took down the entire world wide web) But he always bumps my computer issues to the top of his list and fixes them for me.

Ria (tonyfan4ever on ravelry)

At 7:52 PM , Blogger JL said...

I dun want any yarn, i jus want that baby, O such a sweetie, congratulations.


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