Monday, November 03, 2008


OK, so Halloween started out rough -- the boy was in a horrid mood as we were leaving the house, Will and I were both pretty close behind, and since Robin wanted us at her house at 6, we had to fight the bumper to bumper crawl of rush hour traffic while listening to Gigi howl the whole way there.

In all the rush, I forgot the camera, which is really sad because the kids looked adorable and especially Brent pretending to be terrified of Richard's bones costume over and over again would have made for some cute photo ops. Sigh.

Here's all I managed to get, a photo at the end of the evening of the boy chowing down on his haul:


At 4:39 PM , Blogger Ria said...

Cute - can't tell you how many times I bring a camera - no photo ops, leave the camera at home feels like hundreds!


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