Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brent's 1st movie: a bust. (+ "I'm there.")

So, we took Brent to the Tinseltown in Pflugerville for the 6:40 showing of Disney Pixar's UP. He is absolutely in love with the preview; has every word of it memorized and can even act it out. The theater was nearly empty and more than half the people there had small children with them. I figured it was a Can't Lose situation. Well, Brent thought "the humongous TV" was "too loud!", got very upset, and wouldn't be calmed down. Will took him home before the previews had even ended. I stayed and watched with Ana and Gigi. I cried 3 times, Gigi pooped all over herself and me, but it was a good movie and I enjoyed it. I think Brent just won't be going to see movies until he's quite a bit older.

A cute story: Have you seen those "I'm there" State Farm TV commercials? There's one with a woman draped backwards over an exercise ball (like this:

except she has her arms dangling loosely over her head.) Well, the other day, Brent climbed up on Will in his computer chair, draped himself like that over Will's shoulder with his legs over the back of the chair and his head and arms on Will's chest, and said, "Daddy? I'm there."


At 1:45 AM , Blogger Robin Marie said...

I still remember my first movie theater experience vividly. It was Dennis the Menace, and a quick Google tells me it was 1993. So I was 5. I don't know if we stayed the whole time, but I remember him making some man swallow the key to his handcuffs, and I remember feeling absolutely miserable and terrified and uncomfortable. Maybe that's why I don't like scary movies!

I loved your comment on my Rituals post. Thanks so much for stopping by!

At 12:04 PM , Blogger katknit said...

What a cute story. Kids....!


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