Thursday, October 07, 2004

So I finished the Ball!! This little thing is so FUN! I'm sure I'll get tired of playing with it soon, but for now I'm happy to be "easily amused" as Ana would say. This toy-making thing is really agreeing with me. But I promisepromisepromise I'm going to at least cast on the baby kimono before I start another toy! (Although I did get some yarn in the mail yesterday that will be perfect for that cute little tortoise...)

I also got through almost the whole crown of my newly remodeled Sniper Cozy (now knit rather than crocheted.) It seems that a sick day provides lots of time for productivity, though knitting sick also made my increases a little crooked-y on the hat cause I kinda kept forgetting to DO them. Oh well. Hope my intended solider-boy appreciates the effort more than the workmanship...

On a sidenote, a word of hard-earned wisdom: don't ever mix prometrium and vicadin. Barforama.


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