Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Into the 7th week of pregnancy now... All's going well, especially for my morning-sickness-lovin' doctor, who's happy as can be with my growing misery! But seriously, it's not been that bad. In fact, baby is implanted as perfectly as can be, was bigger than expected at the 5-wk ultrasound, and had a visible heartbeat at the 6-wk ultrasound, almost a week early!

I just wish my knitting mojo would come back. There are so many cute baby things, so little time. (Not to mention a poor, forlorn Secret Pal STILL waiting for the project that was perhaps over-ambitiously planned as her final gift. It's soooo close to done.) I understand that most of the exhaustion and stomach troubles should pass at the end of the first trimester, so maybe I'll just spend my time until then deciding which baby projects to make in what order.

More preggers chatter at where is currently a memebership of 3 in the Summer Babies '05 Club! :)


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