Friday, October 29, 2004

I have been commanded to update my blog, so here goes... (This one's for you, Jo.)

It has been a shamefully long time! What can I say except that I get into lazy moods? Luckily, this latest lazy stretch, while it has seen both my e-mail inbox and my kitchen sink get rather backlogged, hasn't affected my knitting much.

Still, I haven't brought myself to finish my Soho turtle. I tried the other night! and wasn't able to get the crocheted cuff to look right. It curls outward no matter what stitch I use. The curl seems to me to be beyond even blocking to cure. :( Not sure what I will decide to do about it. For now, it is sitting in a pile and being ignored. Any suggestions will be gratefully pondered.

I finished my first felted project ever yesterday! Click on the kitty bed link to the right to see it -- I think it's rather FAB, myself. I will be packaging it up and mailing it off to for their November Adopt-a-Senior-Kitty drive. I hope it makes some deserving little older kitty very happy.

The eclipse tonight was breath-taking. I was so busy when it happened that Will had to force me to put down the Halloween shirt I was working on. He took me by the hand and led me outside with the digital camera. Once I was out there, standing open-mouthed and grinning, he went back in for the dogs. Standing out there with his arm around my waist and my sweet dogs being so well-behaved on their leashes, the weather so perfect and the near-full moon in that rare, smokey-red state... it was one of those perfectly content moments.

I continue to pray that recent fertility treatments might mean that I am full of happy thoughts because my belly is full of baby! and not just that the hormone pills are making me loopy, hee hee.

Still, God Bless us all. :)


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