Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The big news of the month: IT'S A BOY! The big sonogram was on Friday (3/4) and it was a fun one; was so cool having Will there. I wish I could say I had some sono scans to post as my first internal photos. But alas, I'm lazy and broke.

Instead, have you seen the gallery Ana made for me at her new website, It's rockin', and her homepage photo is the cutest ever. :) Many kudos to Wendy for all the hard work she puts in for the coding!

P.S. The photo is ENORMOUS on my screen. Is it on yours? Please comment and tell me. I'll have to figure out a way (read that, make Ana figure out a way) to resize it. OR as Ana says, maybe it's just because MY screen is set to 800x600 because I am blind, and it actually looks okay on everyone else's screens.


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