Monday, April 11, 2005

A New Project :)

Ok, so I'm over my self-imposed Limit O' Three. I HAD to start on a Cecilia sweater. But, to try to make up for it a little, I did post a long overdue update to the WIP progress photo linked to the Baby Kimono bar to the right, as well as a new, internet-stolen baby photo, as Tick supposedly looks at 26 wks. :)

And now... for the new project! It's going to be a rather modified version of the fabulous Spring Knitty's Cecilia. Here's me working on it (note, Tick's first photo, as that bulge between my boobs and my keyboard):

And close-up's of the right side, and the wrong side with my creative half-intarsia half-fairisle weirdness:


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