Monday, March 21, 2005

How inertial can one person get? I reached my desired 13 1/2" on the back piece of my baby kimono almost an hour ago, and it's still lying on my desk with the tape measure on it just because the pattern is in Ana's room and I don't want to go get it.

I love the color of this Echo cotton. I really do. Knit up, the colors of the variegation (deep khaki green, very yellowy lime green, rich turquoise) and the way it patterned are so very Monet. I can almost picture water lilies on it. :)

So, I'm spending a mostly de-stressing afternoon at home alone. Dog dramas are minimal at least for the very present moment. Reese's vet visit went well; her bite was only mildly infected. She and Tyler are peaceful together. Katie took Hannah with her to visit friends. Tinny is relaxed and happy at my dad's now that it's not night time nor thunderstorming like this morning. Ana and my dad went to get cellphones and a family plan. She was sooo excited when she called from her New Cellphone!! She thinks they got a great deal. My eyes are still all big. I guess I'm turning into a miser.


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