Friday, March 18, 2005

Check it out... 2 posts in 1 month! Maybe it's spring after all. :)

Stephy: where ELSE would a person keep a hairtie??
Monkee: did you know your brotherling has groupies??

Well, the big hoopla in the last week has been the ballooning tendency of our immediate family to have a life implosion and then bring it to our doorstep. Will's sister Katie actually seems to be settling in pretty well, but as is the case when you break up with a longtime ex at the same time your job goes to shit, is still often stressy. And NOW, with less than 1 week's notice, my father has broken up with the lady he's been with since I was in high school and is getting all moved into an apartment less than 2 miles away from here.

Ripple effect. (Recapping for the sake of posterity.. I'm trying to be a better blogger! Skim past this, KnittyFolk.) My dogs decided enough was enough, and rather than quit their jobs, go on a drinking binge, or break up with ...wait, I guess that's what they did. They broke up with each other. :( After one nasty fight, I spent a couple of days of tense, tearful attempts to get them back together again, then fell sick and exhausted, helpless and hopeless. The decision had been made to have Tinny put to sleep. Then my father stepped in and offered Tinny a home with him where he can be an only dog, not to mention pampered and probably overfed, and where I can easily visit anytime I want. Perfect! And to ease my stress-levels and allow me to get a little shut-eye again, my friend Eve (sent by GOD) offered to babysit Reese until dad gets settled in and can take Tinny. So, the house has been dogfight-free since Tuesday night, I'm getting over my cold, and things seem back to just a normal level of stress and insanity, rather than on the verge of complete collapse.

On the baby front, poor Ticky doesn't seem to be suffering much from dealing with such a stressed out mom. He's been feisty and hungry, as always. I got my first stretch mark. It's almost week 24. I can't believe it's going this fast.


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