Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old Halloween Make-Up & April Showers

This is what happens when a 2 yr old finds old makeup lying around and mama decides to laugh and take pictures rather than stop him (I had to hide him for a couple of days afterward, too, because that thick, greasy stuff doesn't wash off well when the washee is unwilling to cooperate):

And this is what happens when a perfectly cute rainy day opportunity meets a techodummy holding a camera worth faaaar more than her camera expertise:

And YES (before you ask or tease) my son does on occasion wear pants. The reason for the jacket and no pants out in the rain was that it was actually warm outside but we were trying to keep him dryish, and we knew there would not only be amateur umbrella use but also much splashing around the ankles and knees. So, yeah... it looks silly but it worked just fine! Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)


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