Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures AND a Thousand Words! (Well, maybe a couple hundred.)

So, Gigi and I are still decompressing from the June 11-15 trip to Estes Park, Colorado. The weather was amazing, though it did rain on us a few times this year. (Lightning in the Rocky Mountains is scary, y'all.) Gigi ran a lowgrade fever for a couple of days upon first getting back home -- airline plague? -- but is back to her ole self now. Brent seemed to miss us, was adorably happy to see us back, but his ole self is changing daily.

He is making some verbal/reasoning skill leaps as of late that just fascinate me. And make me giggle, too. Here are two from yesterday: First was the Mommy-can't-find-her-cellphone-AGAIN situation which had me wandering around pouting with the house phone in my hand, straining my ears for that muffled little ringtone. When I finally did find it, Brent's face lit up. "You did it! You not sadding, Mama? You happy?" (which is to say, he's starting to attempt verb conjugation, not without some blunders.)

And probably less monumental but much more entertaining was a classic cause-and-effect lesson he received thanks to Tyler, the gassiest beagle in the world.

"Mama, what that smell?! Where's the poop?"
"That's just Tyler. He farted."
"He made a noise of the butt." (I didn't coin that phrase; Brent did.)
"Noise of the butt smell like poop?!"
Commence 3 yr old running in circles squealing, "Pbbt, EWW!! Pbbt, EWW!" punctuating with shrieking giggles.

Meanwhile, Gigi gets stronger and more mobile everyday. She can cruise, stand unsupported, and has been taking steps now and again, though they are still followed at this point by falls. (Isn't this picture pretty?? I miss Ana's camera.)

They're so cute when they play together.

I haven't really had any more time to knit lately, but I am stubborn, and squeeze in a few stitches whenever I can. I finished ONE sock! The second is already a few inches in, but I got exhausted with trying to keep up with the slip stitch cable pattern when my focus is so constantly pulled in 3 different directions, so the pair of socks will be fraternal twins, rather than identical. In other words, mindless 2x2 ribbing for me! As I mentioned to some friends, the second sock will always be jealous of her older sister's beautiful patterning, but will feel secretly smug that she is much less full of errors.

And I snuck in a new tattoo a week ago. (Don't tell Dad.)


At 5:56 PM , Blogger Ria said...

love the yarn for your sock. I love the things kids that age say, it's too funny!

At 7:39 PM , Blogger Bhavna said... cute! That socks looks very beautiful.

At 7:23 AM , Blogger inkberryblue said...

Your children are beautiful
...and the sock is gorgeous!
I love the colours.
I really like the look of tattoos but I'm too chicken to get one. Doesn't it hurt?


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