Thursday, April 21, 2005

An FO and an Insurance Check!

It's been a happy week. :) Insurance cut us a check for more than we expected and I hope not only to get all the work done on the house, but get our wireless internet connection finally established for everyone in the house, maybe replace that falling apart upstairs deck, and maybe even get some work done on our POOL! Just in time for warm weather. I'm thrilled! Now, if only the contractors will call me back, get their cute uniformed booties out here, and get the work done quickly and without driving me and the dogs all insane... I love the smell of roofers crunching around hammering and cursing in the morning. OK, that's all sounds. But you know what I mean.

And the FO! Well, it's not washed or blocked yet to cure a little cuff-rolling, but here it is: *drumroll please*

No comments please on my lovely complexion, or the lack of belly... the sweater came out, um, ROOMY. And I'm working on belly photos. My husband's begging for nekkid ones, har har, but you can bet you won't see those here. :P


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