Tuesday, May 03, 2005

For Book Lovers.....accepting and passing of the stick.

this questionnaire was passed to me from Ali, a fellow knitty-knitter. looks like fun! :) so here goes. (and apologies in advance for poor typing... i smashed my finger this morning)

1. Total Number of Books in Your House:
oh, wow... a lot. shelvesful (is that a word?) here and there and in storage too. more than i will probably read again, though the urge to curl up with one still strikes me now and again.

2. The Last Book You Bought Was:
the last one that i personally bought was "robot visions," a short story collection by asimov. i like that it's short stories because it's short attention span. and they're good! i've received a couple of debbie bliss baby knitting pattern books in a swap since then, which were a really fun acquisition!

3. What did you last read right before getting tagged?
yesterday, i read most of the seventh month chapter of "what to expect when you're expecting".

4. Write down 5 (or 6) books you often read, or that mean a lot to you.

A) i've been reading and rereading bits and pieces of "what to expect..." for months now, for obvious reasons :)

B) a sweet friend gave me a copy of cynthia rylant's "dog heaven", which gave me much comfort during a hard time and is still on treasured display in our home next to my baby connor's photograph and collar.

C) isaac asimov's "the gods themselves," for being the first book that ever stabbed me in the heart and made me scream out and throw it across the room in horror and betrayal. and then start rereading it the very next day...

D) the whole "clan of the cave bear" series, for taking me through my teenage years with a heroine of physical, mental, and especially emotional strength, and yes, a little soft porn that I didn't have to hide from my father, cause he liked the books too.

E) i have to say, i've read all of anne rice's vampire novels at least 3 times each, but her historical fictions really blow me away and every one i own is dogeared and loved.

5. Who are you going to pass the stick to (three people) and why?
my sisters, ana and claudia, and wendy. i'm not sure how to know who's been tagged before or not, so i may amend these. ;)


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