Monday, May 16, 2005

Mini Overhaul: Done!

I changed some little things on my blog. It took me almost an hour. If you can even notice the difference, you're good! But what the hell, it made me happy. Now I just need to get Ana to help me put in some pretty, sparkly, new buttons. :) **EDIT: um, nevermind. I just looked at my page after posting this and realized... the hour of work I did on the template? Yeah. I clicked on the Posting tab when I finished rather than the Save Changes button. I'm good like that. Sigh.** **EDIT #2: ok, another hour later and it's all re-fixed, plus a little more. Not as exciting this time, but I'm still happy!**

My WIP list is still growing. Ana made me start the booga bag, because she wanted some instant gratification knitting but didn't want to be working on hers alone. Of course, 3 days later, hers is about ready to felt and I have a bag bottom. I should make her finish mine, too. I really do want to stick to my 1-FO-per-month trend so I'll be pushing myself to finish something soon. Probably the coronet. I swear, it's so close to done it's just painful. Then I can toss it with my finished Soho turtle not to be washed or worn until winter, hehehe.

On a total change of subject, it's nearly 11am and the contractors still aren't here to start their work week. Maybe it's because they know my neighbor alerted us to a hazardy mess, and Will & I had to pick up two handfuls of nails out of the grass, and they don't want to be scolded. Bah, kids. When will my house ever be pretty and peaceful again?


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