Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lots of photos today

First of all... Voila! The belly picture at last, despite the fact that Ana says I looked stoned in this photo. It's probably more like exhausted, because this was taken right before bedtime, on Monday when I was just over 31 wks along. Here I am, in all my bellylicious glory:

And my latest WIP. This is THE Booga Bag, slowly incarnating from yummy yarns gifted to me for Christmas by the lovely Renee. The colors in this photo are far from true, but alas, all my efforts at colorfixing in PhotoDeluxe were in vain, so I'm just posting the original. That orange is actually a rich gold and the brick is actually ruby red. The variegated stuff is a delicious, thick/thin novelty in periwinkle, gray, gold, scarlet, and a metallic thread. (And no, the puppy isn't sitting in the bag with the yarns. He's behind it, pretending to be!)

And lastly, some gorgeous Reese portraits! She loves sunbathing, being an African breed of hound AND born in Florida, no less. And if there's something we've had plenty of lately here in Texas, it's sun.


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