Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's Baby Shower day!

An hour and a half til touchdown, and I'm already exhausted, hehe. The place is decorated to the nines (and it looks so fun.. I love ribbons and balloons.) I had to go help decorate -- it looked too fun not to -- but now I regret it. I just want to nap. Or stare at the wall. That's a productive thing to do when you're pregnant, you know. MIL took everyone but Ana and me with her to pick up and bring back a Chinese food lunch, so I'm posting a quickie here while I await their return. God, let it be soon. I'm soooo hungry. My mother is almost here as of the last cellphone communication. Poor thing... it's such a drive! I can make it in 5 hrs, but it usually takes her around 7. But she's the one that refuses to move up here! hehe.

I know I would feel better if I had slept last night, but it was rather an eventful night... I remember the days when I also saw Friday as mandatory for staying up til dawn carousing with my friends and being crazy. But I don't remember days when my friends called my house over and over in the wee hours 'til the pregnant lady was in tears, though. SIL was repentant and apologized profusedly, poor thing. I think it was the tears. I deliberately walked out with them still on my face instead of washing up first when she arrived home at dawn. It was manipulative, and not my usual style, but I was upset so I forgive myself.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. Next post will most likely be photos from the shower and tall tales to tell. There's a LOT of loot out there, and that's just what the hostesses carried in! Egad.


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