Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quick update just 'cause it's been way too long!

Pregnancy: 34 weeks along as of yesterday. Getting whiny. Not much fun to be around. Tick seems to be strong and active. Plenty of hiccups and squirming. Still enjoying that part. :) Having more trouble sleeping. Maybe that's why I'm cranky.

Knitting: Haven't done much lately due to low energy and regained enthusiasm for playing WoW with Will. Coronet making crawling progress. Red scarf long since resigned to UFO pile; will probably never finish -- sorry Red Scarf Project! :( Baby kimono seems totally stalled since I had to frog the entire sleeve I was almost done with; I won't have enough of the green variegated yarn to finish the top and have been pondering how best to incorporate the blue variegated to make up the shortcoming. Cecilia making crawling progress as well but still one of my favorites to look at. Baby booties are probably going to become a UFO as well. I just can't wrap my head around how to sidestep the sizing issue without buying new yarn. Booga bag is making better progress, though still slowly. I LOVE how the stripes are coming out. It's going to be stunning.

House: Remodelling sucks. I'm starting to hate it almost as much as moving, for the same reasons. All our stuff is in these huge stacks that are *supposed* to be temporary, just while the floor is being done, but they end up gathering dust for days, weeks, ...months! while we have no sofas to sit on. Even the TV is in a corner, surrounded by junk, unplugged, as of yesterday. My DVR is going to fill up and I'm going nutso without a Stargate fix! Also as of yesterday, A/C is broken; repairguy said it's actually not the A/C but the breaker that controls it which is fried. Needs parts. Will return in the morning. Bill estimated at over $300. He also informed us that we *really* need to have the city come out and inspect our unit so they can quote us a city-sponsored discount and low-interest loan to buy a more efficient unit. Just cause ours was installed in 1986 doesn't mean we can afford a new one, even on city-sponsored aid. :( Hail damage repairs: completely stalled. Last time I called the contractor, the guy in charge of his roofing crew was on vacation in Florida and my roofing supplies are sitting somewhere rotting.

OK, so that wasn't so quick. Ranting and complaining seem to be my favorite things to do lately and I do more of it online so that Ana and Will won't have to listen to it. So, sorry to inflict on ya'll, but it's really for the best. ;)


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