Monday, June 13, 2005

Some WIP pics

Coronet for my grandmother seems to have made a great leap of progress! but that's because during our fun evening of KIP yesterday, on NoNoKitty's international KIP day, Ana and Renee and I sat in the cafe of a Borders bookstore and all swapped projects. Renee, the insane-o speed demon knitress, finished like 2 or 3 whole inches of my hat while Ana alternately worked on a CastOn mag tshirt, a Debbie Bliss baby shirt now known as the TickTankTop, a baby blanket, and two barbacoa tacos. Me? I turtled away on the baby blanket and a chicken quesadilla.

I am very sad to report that for some reason, I am struggling to get accurately nice-looking photos of my truly beautiful WIPs to show you!

Coronet's cable band was double stranded with 2 different shades of brown Heirloom EasyCare merino, and in the photo, it seems the resultant effect is a muddy mess in which all cable definition is lost. But I swear it isn't so! It's a really neat look to the real-world eye. The cable is well-defined and has an earthy, bark-like appearance that I'm crazy about. Most importantly, the intended recepient really likes it so far too, AND tonight when we visited, showed me a jacket she got as a recent gift that will match it beautifully. Score!

And the booga bag that makes me so happy is the least photogenic I have ever seen a yarn thing be. I swear I'm not using blood red and orange. It's ruby red and gold, more like a Harry Potter booga, with much-fuzzier-than-it-appears beautiful periwinkle novelty in between. Ya'll are just gonna have to believe I'm not blind, or think me a liar with poor colorsense. Maybe the FO pic will have to be attempted in stark sunlight.


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