Thursday, August 11, 2005

I promise I won't let this turn into a Baby Blog and never mention my knitting again, but for now, there's no knitting getting done and I don't want to neglect posting, not to mention the baby pictures are soooo cute. ;)

Egad, is this the most recent photo I have?? I took more today. Just need to get them off the camera and into the gallery. He looks so small in this photo to me, ha! But I love how "pretty" his features look in it. He's gonna be a heartbreaker! I know, I know... I'm biased.

Tick turns 4 wks old tomorrow! He's starting to outgrow some Newborn size stuff. I couldn't be prouder. :) I have been feeling much better rested lately, though I'm honestly not getting that much more sleep. I think I'm getting used to this insane schedule. Well, that, and I'm planning nights better, and Tick's spit-up and constipation issues are getting worked out as we learn from our mistakes so wee morning hour feedings aren't as stressful (or as loud) as before, nor do they take nearly as long. Yay!


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