Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good news all around

Doctor's appointment yesterday went perfectly! Well, I got stirruped for the first time of the pregnancy and that wasn't a party -- I mean, the poking around is uncomfortable even when you don't have a "No Vacancy" sign up -- but I can handle it. Blood pressure still good, Tick's heartrate still ideal, his position is "ready to go," but I'm not dilating yet so no sign of early arrival. 13 lbs total gained so far and the doctor is very pleased in general. He gave me the "this is what to look for" speech (i.e. please recognize false labor and don't bring it here) and I feel ready for anything! We are pretty much set, supplies-wise, and Will packed my hospital bag for me already. WOO HOO!

And, drumroll please.... the contractor took the balance of his money from us yesterday and we have No. More. Work planned for him!! Can I tell you what a HUGE relief it is?? We're not nearly done with the insurance company yet, it seems. But being done with the contractor is a huge load off my back. The dogs would be happy as well, if I could communicate it to them. But, they would probably think they were finally scary enough and take responsibility for the welcomed absence.


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