Monday, June 27, 2005

Lovely gifts to share
Will my blog survive?!

OK, despite advance knowledge that blogger code is acting funny and putting big HOLES in people's blogs (like poor Ana's, for example) I must share these beautiful pictures. And if my blog also becomes wonky, I can email the support team so Ana doesn't have to do it!

First of all, you HAVE to see this old photo of Will as a 2wk old that his grandmother gave me years and years ago, which I horribly lost during a move out of my mother's house more than 5 yrs ago(!), and which my mother FOUND and returned to me last weekend. I nearly cried with gratitude. I find his little face so WISE.

OK, next is the BLING. Ana made these stitchmarkers for me a couple of weeks ago; aren't they cute?!

And these were gifted to me totally by surprise this weekend. I met a friend of a friend at the LYS; her name is Christi (hope I'm spelling it right) and she makes gorgeous stitchmarkers as well. Check em out! I was thrilled. The spiky rainbow ones are softish and are the most mesmerizing tactile fun... I shall play with them often.


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