Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random Thoughts

I'm horrified and heart-hurting for the folks suffering the post-Katrina nightmare. It's a nightmare. I watch the news and it seems like it couldn't possibly be real. Maybe it's a media joke or something, like Orson Welles' radio Martian invasion or something. But no. And the Baghdad stampede. Over a rumor. I am so grateful for my life and my situation. I haven't the resources to make a financial contribution but I'm going to try to talk Ana and the knitting buddies into going to give blood this weekend during our regularly scheduled knitting time.

On a more normal note, no FO's to report as usual, though I'm getting very close to finishing both the Booga Bag and the Debbie Bliss kimono. I started a wool soaker with some sunny yellow & aqua blue hand-dyed yarn given to me by dear Robin, whose knitty username I can't recall. I do remember that she posted photos of the yarn on her blog, calling it "sherbet puke" or something like that. Well, it's looking great on my soaker so far! ;)

Tick is growing like a weed despite continued feeding issues. He doesn't seem to mind the puking much as long as I keep giving him more food to replace what he disgorges. We haven't posted photos of him in nearly 2 weeks. We were much more prompt when it was just dog pictures. But that's not a priority issue. It's a "don't have time for internet anymore" issue! Here's the obligatory cute photo, outdated as it might be!


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