Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ultrasound #3 and my baby (AKA now as The Tick) is starting to look like a baby!! It amazes me how quickly things are happening. I saw and heard a heartbeat, saw a head and the shadow of developing brain inside. I read that the baby now has an independent blood supply being self-manufactured and self-circulated... and this little creature is still under an inch long. Truly a miracle. I need to get these ultrasounds xeroxed and scanned onto disks, as I am being told that the thermal paper they are printed on is a very temporary medium(!) This would have been a nice thing for the doctor to have told me. Imagine my heartbreak if I had saved them, protected them as treasures, and never made copies... only to find that before my child's 2nd birthday they had faded slowly to perfect blankness.

I am hoping my energy will come back soon, as my appetite has somewhat returned, though the nausea is as bad or worse. And oh, the smells... I have a little theory about those; read more about it at