Thursday, April 21, 2005

An FO and an Insurance Check!

It's been a happy week. :) Insurance cut us a check for more than we expected and I hope not only to get all the work done on the house, but get our wireless internet connection finally established for everyone in the house, maybe replace that falling apart upstairs deck, and maybe even get some work done on our POOL! Just in time for warm weather. I'm thrilled! Now, if only the contractors will call me back, get their cute uniformed booties out here, and get the work done quickly and without driving me and the dogs all insane... I love the smell of roofers crunching around hammering and cursing in the morning. OK, that's all sounds. But you know what I mean.

And the FO! Well, it's not washed or blocked yet to cure a little cuff-rolling, but here it is: *drumroll please*

No comments please on my lovely complexion, or the lack of belly... the sweater came out, um, ROOMY. And I'm working on belly photos. My husband's begging for nekkid ones, har har, but you can bet you won't see those here. :P

Monday, April 11, 2005

A New Project :)

Ok, so I'm over my self-imposed Limit O' Three. I HAD to start on a Cecilia sweater. But, to try to make up for it a little, I did post a long overdue update to the WIP progress photo linked to the Baby Kimono bar to the right, as well as a new, internet-stolen baby photo, as Tick supposedly looks at 26 wks. :)

And now... for the new project! It's going to be a rather modified version of the fabulous Spring Knitty's Cecilia. Here's me working on it (note, Tick's first photo, as that bulge between my boobs and my keyboard):

And close-up's of the right side, and the wrong side with my creative half-intarsia half-fairisle weirdness:

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Flashed My Stash!

Days late... oh well. This is what my stash looked like before I started:


Pretty messy! Thank God it's Ana's room. ;) Oh, and that tub of gorgeous handpainted, handspun purple&blue on the floor isn't mine. Ana won't give it up, after having spent literally years spinning it, and is planning a cardi for herself. (Good for her!) I claimed the leftovers though!!

So, I took everything done and started organizing. (Photo below) First, starting with the baggie on the top left, we have a bag containing gray and navy balls of Woolease, probably destined to become something for Tick, sitting atop a whole buncha leftover scraps of Ceci-colored FunFur and Boa stuff from the Kitty Pi bed I made. What in the world am I gonna do with THAT? Below that baggie is a smaller baggie containing 2 balls of yummy cotton/rayon blend boucle that Monkee gifted me with. She shall be repaid. ;) To the right of that, the Echo cotton stash from Wendi. Sooo nice. In the little plastic tube is a KnitWits hat kit I paid way too much for and haven't been able to start on because the needles I need are in my kimono. But ohhh, will it ever look cute on Tick! Below that, one ball of boring colored TLC hiding amongst much wonderful sock yarn. See my Regia silk? Habsgirl gave it to me as my SPII. Can't wait to feel it on my needles!

Next, more Ceci colors. The tub is full of's entire stock of variegated pink Kroy sock yarn, as well as more delicious SPII yarn, and much leftover Mission Falls 1824 cotton from my sweater. Below that, a couple of WIP's: a fuzzy red acrylic becoming a Red Scarf Project donation, and two different colors of Sugar'n'Cream cotton becoming a short-sleeved top for moi! The small, glossy skeins on the right are Rowan from the clearance bin in San Antonio's Yarn Barn (there are 2 on the floor that didn't make it into the photo); I was going to make myself a multi-colored top, but a swatch didn't pass my washability standards, so it's stashed now. Will probably get swapped.

And last, but far from least, just LOOK at how pretty these goodies are. :) The pink and blue at the top is again, from SPII's sweetest, most thoughtful pal, Habsgirl. For baby clothes! On the left is a splurge buy of RedBarn Heirloom wool which I have no clue what to make out of, but it feels SO GOOD knitting up. I'm using 2 balls of it for my grandmother's Coronet, held doublestranded. On the right is a big wad of All Season Cotton which was, again, an splurge and vaguely intended for a multi-colored top. The yarn is so slick the balls won't hold their shape no matter what I do and will probably all end up in center-pull Ziplocs. I can't wait to see how that slickness feels in a fabric though. And lo! In front is the ONE ball of the purple/blue beauteous Ana-handspun I managed to claim. Isn't it lovely?? It's not enough for... anything. But I pet it and love it and call it George. :)

And that's it. But wait!! What good came of this Flashing? LOOK at how organized and tidy my stash looked when I finished:

That's all of it! ...I think.