Friday, October 21, 2005

This is Ana, testing Ceci's blog for her. Photoage:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Newest(?) Teen Craze: "Camel Toads"

Awww, man... something's up with Blogger? Photos aren't working. :( I'm going to use links for this post instead. Sorry!

Click here for Camel Toad story...

Knitting update: I haven't gotten much knitting done for a couple of weeks due to allergies and illness and general lack of energy, but that Cecilia sweater has a completed body, and one done sleeve! No photos, because I haven't gotten into Ana's room to download, resize, upload, etc.

Baby stuff: Another thing I knew mentally but am just learning for real: it stinks being sick when you're a mommy, cause the baby still needs you! Will is an angel, though; I got to stay in bed and sleep on Sunday when I was feverish.

I went back to work on Monday, but just for one day so they could keep me on the annual evals list and, more importantly to me, on my current payscale! While I was there, my in laws came to visit and took cute baby pictures. Here's my lil military man with his Grandma Gail and Grandpa Wig.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

He Might Be Giant

I love plays on perspective. This is lil Brent with his great-grandmother:

So, I was watching the Tyra Banks show and she had on this geek who was having trouble dating. Possibly because the picture he sent Tyra of himself was in a Superman costume -- an ill-fitting one at that -- and he couldn't seem to make it through a date without babbling about what a Superman fan he is. She was gonna help him out by setting him up on dates and placing a little speaker in his ear to talk him through it. Here's the part I wanted to comment on: the girls she sent him out with were gorgeous. WAAAAAY out of his league. Probably not comic book fans either. Not only did all that bare, tanned skin make him stammer like an idiot, but why would we think the set-up might actually result in success if these people have nothing in common? I wonder if these girls were what he wanted? Besides to look at I mean. Maybe it's just me but it seems he'd enjoy the date more and be more likely to see the girl again if she were a geek like him! But then, I'm not a talk show host. What do I know? I love you, Tyra!

Not to be accused of doing nothing but TV lately, I finished the camo soaker so Will can take Tick up into the blind next deer season:

Psst, Tick... don't look so scared. That's a joke.

And I'm making progress on the modified Cecilia sweater. This shows the left front in progress from the armhole split. In the time it took me to upload the photo, I finished that and the right front, and am most of the way up the back. After that, the arms and the collar, and voila! Another FO. :D