Thursday, June 30, 2005

The "Finish It!" KAL

OK, so I'm the black sheep of the pack, entering my mostly finished Coronet while others are entering things like a Rogue (stariel) and a stockinette stitch man-sweater (blackcatyarns)... similar for GretchenX, lunastrixae, and duster117. But man, finishing this thing is going to be tough if my recent progress is any indication! Deadline: July 31st.

Here's the first assignment, photo of the WIP in its current state (as of last night.)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Lovely gifts to share
Will my blog survive?!

OK, despite advance knowledge that blogger code is acting funny and putting big HOLES in people's blogs (like poor Ana's, for example) I must share these beautiful pictures. And if my blog also becomes wonky, I can email the support team so Ana doesn't have to do it!

First of all, you HAVE to see this old photo of Will as a 2wk old that his grandmother gave me years and years ago, which I horribly lost during a move out of my mother's house more than 5 yrs ago(!), and which my mother FOUND and returned to me last weekend. I nearly cried with gratitude. I find his little face so WISE.

OK, next is the BLING. Ana made these stitchmarkers for me a couple of weeks ago; aren't they cute?!

And these were gifted to me totally by surprise this weekend. I met a friend of a friend at the LYS; her name is Christi (hope I'm spelling it right) and she makes gorgeous stitchmarkers as well. Check em out! I was thrilled. The spiky rainbow ones are softish and are the most mesmerizing tactile fun... I shall play with them often.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good news all around

Doctor's appointment yesterday went perfectly! Well, I got stirruped for the first time of the pregnancy and that wasn't a party -- I mean, the poking around is uncomfortable even when you don't have a "No Vacancy" sign up -- but I can handle it. Blood pressure still good, Tick's heartrate still ideal, his position is "ready to go," but I'm not dilating yet so no sign of early arrival. 13 lbs total gained so far and the doctor is very pleased in general. He gave me the "this is what to look for" speech (i.e. please recognize false labor and don't bring it here) and I feel ready for anything! We are pretty much set, supplies-wise, and Will packed my hospital bag for me already. WOO HOO!

And, drumroll please.... the contractor took the balance of his money from us yesterday and we have No. More. Work planned for him!! Can I tell you what a HUGE relief it is?? We're not nearly done with the insurance company yet, it seems. But being done with the contractor is a huge load off my back. The dogs would be happy as well, if I could communicate it to them. But, they would probably think they were finally scary enough and take responsibility for the welcomed absence.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Baby Shower was a hit!

The hostesses were magnificent! Will and Ana pulled a miracle getting the den cleared and cleaned and looking fit for company. Katie (SIL), Gail (MIL), and Dianne (AuntIL?) brought in and set up carloads of decorations and refreshments and games. When the guests arrived, there was much laughter and I was floored by the goodwill and generosity.

Check out the fun! We had the prerequisite mom-to-be, raging with hormones; teddy bears demeaned in undignified diaper games; lovingly made gifts from knitty friends, namely poetangel/Helen (THANK YOU, I treasure it!); and of course, knitting attendees!

Click here to see the whole album, complete with narrative captioning.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's Baby Shower day!

An hour and a half til touchdown, and I'm already exhausted, hehe. The place is decorated to the nines (and it looks so fun.. I love ribbons and balloons.) I had to go help decorate -- it looked too fun not to -- but now I regret it. I just want to nap. Or stare at the wall. That's a productive thing to do when you're pregnant, you know. MIL took everyone but Ana and me with her to pick up and bring back a Chinese food lunch, so I'm posting a quickie here while I await their return. God, let it be soon. I'm soooo hungry. My mother is almost here as of the last cellphone communication. Poor thing... it's such a drive! I can make it in 5 hrs, but it usually takes her around 7. But she's the one that refuses to move up here! hehe.

I know I would feel better if I had slept last night, but it was rather an eventful night... I remember the days when I also saw Friday as mandatory for staying up til dawn carousing with my friends and being crazy. But I don't remember days when my friends called my house over and over in the wee hours 'til the pregnant lady was in tears, though. SIL was repentant and apologized profusedly, poor thing. I think it was the tears. I deliberately walked out with them still on my face instead of washing up first when she arrived home at dawn. It was manipulative, and not my usual style, but I was upset so I forgive myself.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. Next post will most likely be photos from the shower and tall tales to tell. There's a LOT of loot out there, and that's just what the hostesses carried in! Egad.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Some WIP pics

Coronet for my grandmother seems to have made a great leap of progress! but that's because during our fun evening of KIP yesterday, on NoNoKitty's international KIP day, Ana and Renee and I sat in the cafe of a Borders bookstore and all swapped projects. Renee, the insane-o speed demon knitress, finished like 2 or 3 whole inches of my hat while Ana alternately worked on a CastOn mag tshirt, a Debbie Bliss baby shirt now known as the TickTankTop, a baby blanket, and two barbacoa tacos. Me? I turtled away on the baby blanket and a chicken quesadilla.

I am very sad to report that for some reason, I am struggling to get accurately nice-looking photos of my truly beautiful WIPs to show you!

Coronet's cable band was double stranded with 2 different shades of brown Heirloom EasyCare merino, and in the photo, it seems the resultant effect is a muddy mess in which all cable definition is lost. But I swear it isn't so! It's a really neat look to the real-world eye. The cable is well-defined and has an earthy, bark-like appearance that I'm crazy about. Most importantly, the intended recepient really likes it so far too, AND tonight when we visited, showed me a jacket she got as a recent gift that will match it beautifully. Score!

And the booga bag that makes me so happy is the least photogenic I have ever seen a yarn thing be. I swear I'm not using blood red and orange. It's ruby red and gold, more like a Harry Potter booga, with much-fuzzier-than-it-appears beautiful periwinkle novelty in between. Ya'll are just gonna have to believe I'm not blind, or think me a liar with poor colorsense. Maybe the FO pic will have to be attempted in stark sunlight.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quick update just 'cause it's been way too long!

Pregnancy: 34 weeks along as of yesterday. Getting whiny. Not much fun to be around. Tick seems to be strong and active. Plenty of hiccups and squirming. Still enjoying that part. :) Having more trouble sleeping. Maybe that's why I'm cranky.

Knitting: Haven't done much lately due to low energy and regained enthusiasm for playing WoW with Will. Coronet making crawling progress. Red scarf long since resigned to UFO pile; will probably never finish -- sorry Red Scarf Project! :( Baby kimono seems totally stalled since I had to frog the entire sleeve I was almost done with; I won't have enough of the green variegated yarn to finish the top and have been pondering how best to incorporate the blue variegated to make up the shortcoming. Cecilia making crawling progress as well but still one of my favorites to look at. Baby booties are probably going to become a UFO as well. I just can't wrap my head around how to sidestep the sizing issue without buying new yarn. Booga bag is making better progress, though still slowly. I LOVE how the stripes are coming out. It's going to be stunning.

House: Remodelling sucks. I'm starting to hate it almost as much as moving, for the same reasons. All our stuff is in these huge stacks that are *supposed* to be temporary, just while the floor is being done, but they end up gathering dust for days, weeks, ...months! while we have no sofas to sit on. Even the TV is in a corner, surrounded by junk, unplugged, as of yesterday. My DVR is going to fill up and I'm going nutso without a Stargate fix! Also as of yesterday, A/C is broken; repairguy said it's actually not the A/C but the breaker that controls it which is fried. Needs parts. Will return in the morning. Bill estimated at over $300. He also informed us that we *really* need to have the city come out and inspect our unit so they can quote us a city-sponsored discount and low-interest loan to buy a more efficient unit. Just cause ours was installed in 1986 doesn't mean we can afford a new one, even on city-sponsored aid. :( Hail damage repairs: completely stalled. Last time I called the contractor, the guy in charge of his roofing crew was on vacation in Florida and my roofing supplies are sitting somewhere rotting.

OK, so that wasn't so quick. Ranting and complaining seem to be my favorite things to do lately and I do more of it online so that Ana and Will won't have to listen to it. So, sorry to inflict on ya'll, but it's really for the best. ;)