Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Can't even keep up with my blog

And yet, yes, I now have a MySpace page. So far I'm only using it to message a few friends and ex-students that like it better than email but knowing me I will end up getting sucked in further. I stayed up way past bedtime this weekend finding a rockin' cool background and a videoclip of a song I love. I have to say, it has earned its keep already because one friend with whom I'd lost touch found me via the Search function there. Also, though the "be my friend!" spam from the unsigned bands is an almost daily occurrence, the occasional "be my friend" spam from the single gentlemen is great for my ego.

On the yarn front, I ordered some Regia Stretch from and I recommend them highly. I got a great price, got my order in less than a week, and the deep, dark navy is just what I expected from the thumbnail. This nice pile of yarn will be going to my mom for her birthday in November, along with a couple of balls of a yummy navy/gray/wine/tan variegated Stretch for accents.She fell in love with the variegated last year and planned on making a top for herself out of it when she could save up for it -- we all know what happens when you do that. Yep. The pile at Bluebonnet got sold and Regia discontinued the colorway. So, we have two balls of it: the one we bought to let mom swatch, and one that I dug out of the very back of a sockyarn shelf a couple of weeks ago. And the navy. It won't be the top she dreamed of, but it will be beautiful. :)

And that's not it. I also succumbed to the evil seduction of Colinette Prism. I ordered 3 skeins of it from -- check out these sales! I'll probably be buying a skein a month for a while. More if I find it on sale. At least until my PrismLust is satiated. My groceries might be thin for years....