Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trail of Lights 2007

After nearly 10 yrs living in the Austin area, this year's was my first visit to the annual Trail of Lights. It was... a whole lotta lights.

I was (for some reason) expecting something more kid-friendly, but the barrier fences between the light displays and the walkways were mere formalities, and the crowds were way too thick for us to be able to let go of Brent for any length of time. He was off-and-on pretty frustrated by the situation, but behaved himself well, considering, and seemed happy on Daddy's shoulders most of the time. His favorite part of the actual Trail was the mini-train ride on the Zilker Zephyr (this is the best picture I could get... it's kind of fast for a little train!)

The much bigger hit was the Zilker Tree, a ginormous Christmas tree spiralling into the sky. Here's a view from several blocks away. When we walked under it to look up and see this, Brent was one thrilled little boy.

If there were more to do in that part of the attraction like children's rides or play areas, I'd say it was worth it to go just for that. Otherwise, I think our light-gaga boy is just too hyper and hands-on to truly enjoy the Trail until he's older.

And with that, Merry Christmas to all from our little family. Stay safe and warm, enjoy togetherness, and try to let the busyness of the whole thing slide off your back lest it ruin the true joy of the holidays. See ya next year!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday
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This is my hand dyed 100% silk "La Habana" by Textiles A Mano in the most "Ceci" colorway to be discovered thus far in this galaxy. It makes me happy. It will someday be a luscious stole or garment that I shall wear with utmost joy and pride. But until the perfect pattern presents itself, I'll be here, petting the skeins and drooling over the photos. (Thank you, Renee!)
ETA 12/7: The pattern I'm currently cogitating on is "Cocoon" from A Gathering of Lace. I'm a little short on the yardage but may be able to find a complimentary solid for the trims. Or maybe another pattern will present itself before that. We'll see!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Look what I made! I made it up as I went along and fully expected a mediocre result, but I'm just thrilled with it. It's going to my buddy Sarah in Washington state, whose Christmas ornaments were stolen out of her family's storage room. (What kind of an utter creep steals a family's Christmas ornaments?!)