Monday, April 28, 2008

Tyler is recovering!

Those close to us will already know that sleep has been scarce and hope only recently rising since Thursday when Tyler suddenly started vomiting repeatedly and refusing to eat and then, at the emergency vets', starting having seizures. Diagnoses shifted from possible organ disease to tumors to rampant infections and finally settled on a hugely enlarged gall bladder after a sonogram that was a bear to get scheduled, what with this happening so close to the weekend and all. (Isn't that always the case?)

Tyler went into surgery Saturday afternoon and had his gall bladder removed, his intenstines flushed of the nasty mucous the gall bladder was putting out, and his liver biopsied to make sure the mucous and other things haven't sent it toward disease. We don't have the results of those or the analysis of the sickly gall bladder, but Tyler himself has bounced back from the surgery like a CHAMP, according to the doctors and we're picking him up to bring him home as soon as my dad calls me back to accompany me. (Of course, this happens when I'm pregnant as can be and can barely lift myself, much less ailing beagle boys.)

Is that his gall bladder??? EW!!! NO, NO. Just kidding. :P


Actually, I'm going to be destashing much of my beloved yarns, including that lovely mohair laceweight and much else, in order to try to put an IV into our checking account, which as of right now is looking almost as bad as Tyler did on Friday. PLEASE check back for more details soon if you're interested in helping and scoring some cool yarn. I have some nice stuff!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old Halloween Make-Up & April Showers

This is what happens when a 2 yr old finds old makeup lying around and mama decides to laugh and take pictures rather than stop him (I had to hide him for a couple of days afterward, too, because that thick, greasy stuff doesn't wash off well when the washee is unwilling to cooperate):

And this is what happens when a perfectly cute rainy day opportunity meets a techodummy holding a camera worth faaaar more than her camera expertise:

And YES (before you ask or tease) my son does on occasion wear pants. The reason for the jacket and no pants out in the rain was that it was actually warm outside but we were trying to keep him dryish, and we knew there would not only be amateur umbrella use but also much splashing around the ankles and knees. So, yeah... it looks silly but it worked just fine! Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's the news?

(besides that I haven't been blogging.)

Well, in January I found out that I'm pregnant again. (I was requesting a dr's appt online -- the form asks for the symptoms of the complaint and as I was typing "nausea, tiredness, sleepiness, period is late" suddenly I thought, "Oh! Duh..." The pee-on-a-stick was kind of a foregone conclusion.) Found out a couple of weeks ago that it's a girl this time! So, Brent has a little sister due in mid-August, and my parents will have gone from 0 granddaughters in 2007 to 3 of them in 2008. (Check out Brent's baby cousin Lori! and my brother Jonathan and his cool wife Vanity are expecting a daughter in July.)

Will's been crazy busy at work and we've had a rash of bad luck with our fabulous new car, culminated (thus far) in the dealership wrecking it for us during a test drive after routine brake maintenance. Whaddya think of THAT? It's been in their body shop for a month now while they try to get their insurance to pay for things. (Good to know it's not just us that struggle with that.) In the meantime, we're crusing around in an SRX and trying desperately not to ding it or stain the leather seats, lest we have to pay for it. (If you know how to get oily 7-11 parking lot foot prints -- size child's 9 -- out of leather seats, let me quick. We're trying a toothpaste scrub tomorrow according to advice from Mrs. Clean.)

Besides that, we're just doing the same ole grind, trying to keep up with life in general. Spring is upon us in Central Texas and that brings not only wildflowers and strawberry picking, but also more yardwork! So, I'll leave ya with this cute picture of daddy training his replacement-yardslave-to-be. (OK, so I can't get the image imbed to work :( so here's a link until I figure it out. OK, I got it! :D)