Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random Thoughts

I'm horrified and heart-hurting for the folks suffering the post-Katrina nightmare. It's a nightmare. I watch the news and it seems like it couldn't possibly be real. Maybe it's a media joke or something, like Orson Welles' radio Martian invasion or something. But no. And the Baghdad stampede. Over a rumor. I am so grateful for my life and my situation. I haven't the resources to make a financial contribution but I'm going to try to talk Ana and the knitting buddies into going to give blood this weekend during our regularly scheduled knitting time.

On a more normal note, no FO's to report as usual, though I'm getting very close to finishing both the Booga Bag and the Debbie Bliss kimono. I started a wool soaker with some sunny yellow & aqua blue hand-dyed yarn given to me by dear Robin, whose knitty username I can't recall. I do remember that she posted photos of the yarn on her blog, calling it "sherbet puke" or something like that. Well, it's looking great on my soaker so far! ;)

Tick is growing like a weed despite continued feeding issues. He doesn't seem to mind the puking much as long as I keep giving him more food to replace what he disgorges. We haven't posted photos of him in nearly 2 weeks. We were much more prompt when it was just dog pictures. But that's not a priority issue. It's a "don't have time for internet anymore" issue! Here's the obligatory cute photo, outdated as it might be!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I promise I won't let this turn into a Baby Blog and never mention my knitting again, but for now, there's no knitting getting done and I don't want to neglect posting, not to mention the baby pictures are soooo cute. ;)

Egad, is this the most recent photo I have?? I took more today. Just need to get them off the camera and into the gallery. He looks so small in this photo to me, ha! But I love how "pretty" his features look in it. He's gonna be a heartbreaker! I know, I know... I'm biased.

Tick turns 4 wks old tomorrow! He's starting to outgrow some Newborn size stuff. I couldn't be prouder. :) I have been feeling much better rested lately, though I'm honestly not getting that much more sleep. I think I'm getting used to this insane schedule. Well, that, and I'm planning nights better, and Tick's spit-up and constipation issues are getting worked out as we learn from our mistakes so wee morning hour feedings aren't as stressful (or as loud) as before, nor do they take nearly as long. Yay!