Friday, June 20, 2008

Introducing Gianna!

(We haven't settled on a middle name yet.) Here she is, in a 3D sonogram image from Wednesday:

Ain't she already a little looker? ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wii Fit is Fun!

I've hit the homestretch of this pregnancy -- which is to say, I'm big as a cow and feeling about as energetic lately. I'm staying home more, but getting less housework done. One bright spot has been the Wii Fit package my great mother-in-law sent us. Even if my stomach is too big for me to fish socks out of the bottom of the washing machine, pulling pots and pans out of the bottom rack of the dishwasher leaves me panting, and chasing down the monkey-boy to force-change a poopy diaper sends my abdomen into painful cramps and my heartburn skyrocketing into I-can't-breathe territory, I can still do a daily weight check and keep myself feeling halfway active with light yoga poses and step aerobics routines. (And the male trainer avatar looks a little like Jensen Ackles, which really helps. Now, if I could just change the wussy voice to something with a bit more drawl and smartassedness...)

Those of you curious about the program, I highly recommend it! Here's a fairly in-depth review of it which I thought was pretty accurate to my experience so far, though the spelling leaves some to be desired.

I'm about to order a new digital camera for myself with birthday money I haven't spent yet so that I can be better about putting photos up. Right now, I'm still depending on Ana and she's been busier and busier lately so being my camera-monkey is getting pushed further and further back on her burners. Now, if I can find one that I can figure out how to use...