Friday, September 23, 2005

WIP photos!

I'd post WIP photos more often, but just LOOK what I have to put up with:

I battled him out of the chair this time, though. Okay, so I sat on him.

Here's my second soaker (Ana's made two as well: a solid camel one, and a solid natural one). The way cool wool for this one is KnitPicks handpainted by Ana for a camo effect. Is it just me, or did the pooling spell my name?!

The first soaker. This is actually an FO, made from wool handed-me-downed from robincat.

And finally, the girly blanket I'm garter-stitching to donate to Seton Northwest Hospital, where Tick was born. When I left, I was presented with my choice of any one of a basketful of handmade baby blankets, and was told their goal is to be able to send every newborn home with a handmade blanket. "Pretty neat of them," I thought.

Hurricane Rita... Come On Down!

OK, so I've been watching The Price Is Right. I admit it. Worse yet, I actually DVR it because the baby makes keeping any kind of reliable schedule impossible. Also, On The Cover, Pyramid, and Family Fued. If watching Star Trek makes you a nerd, what does watching gameshows make you?

Knitting: For a change, my knitting is going faster than I can keep up with getting photos taken and uploaded. I need to work on that. It would also help to finish a few things before starting more and more! I've really taken a liking to making soakers. Found out that any color that shows yellow stain is not the best color. ;) I'm also working on a blanket to donate to the hospital where Tick was born; it gives me a chance to make PINK baby stuff. ;)

Baby: Tick Tock is going strong. It's been a cranky week due to 2 month vaccinations at the beginning of the week. Hopefully, he'll feel better soon. He is getting more and more social, and closer and closer to gaining control over grasping objects. I don't know if it's too early to tell, but he seems to favor using his left hand.

Hurricane: God help coastal Texas and Louisiana.

Here's the obligatory cute picture, until I get some WIP photos up: