Monday, March 30, 2009

The Quant and some Yarn Porn

My husband wouldn't take the picture til I smiled, but yeah, I still look like I feel run-over. :P (My good buddy, ibuprofen left over from after the Gigi-c-section is helping me out with the backache though.) He didn't tell me I had it on crookedish. I think Sheva will look smashing in it though!

And THIS is my new yarnbaby, a 900 yd hank of Robincat handspun cashmere/silk that I am absofreakinglutely in love with on Sunday at Gauge. Ana plunked down the dough for it and said "Happy Birthday!" while I literally hopped and squee'ed behind her. She says she will make me a pinwheel shawl with it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I finally finished knitting something!

(The 2-color quant I made for Sheva.) I know. You don't believe it. And you don't have to, since I don't have photos. But I'll try to get some.

I also have like a month of photos I haven't resized and uploaded, so nothing new of the kids either. Could I BE any more of a slacker? I almost said 'any bigger a slacker' but decided not to, because that's certainly possible. Will baked a marble cake with fudge frosting last night...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Funniest Picture Yet

(For those wondering, that sticker was in the junk mail.)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Big ole TMI here!

(But I wanna document it, 'cause I still go back and read the weird TMI shit I wrote about when I was dealing with my first pregnancy and I'm glad I did it.)

I started my period last night. And so ends the freedom from Aunt Flo, at least until menopause. (My kids will probably still be in school when that happens to me. Great.) I was thinking this big, deep philosophical mumbo jumbo about it while I was doing the dishes an hour ago. Something about closing a big chapter of womanhood as soon as I wean Gigi... I hate hormones. They make me an idiot. :P

Anyway, I'll post something less embarrassing later this weekend so that maybe this will go mostly unnoticed.

P.S. That word, "embarrass," has it always been spelled that way? Srsly. I'm a fairly good speller and that one LOOKS wrong. It's only supposed to have one R but my spellcheck insists it should have 2. I always cave in and put the second one in there but I get this funny feeling like the world is trying to pull something over on me. Is this how senility starts? Take it just a few steps further and I'll be 90 yrs old, making rude noises with my dentures in an IHOP in Kentucky I've never set foot in, and telling the waitress that they DO make Cream of Wheat pancakes here, I eat them here every Sunday and have for 50 yrs, so get me my damn Cream of Wheat pancakes!!